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What people say about Irlen Syndrome in their own words:

It has been over 30 years since Irlen Syndrome was discovered, giving people their diagnosis and tinted glasses - and it's changed people's lives.

Our clients have come back to us and  want to share their stories.

These have been an inspiration to other people who have heard them so we have decided to share these with you too.

William's testimonial:

I decided to write this letter because in the most simple words possible these lenses have changed my life.  

The statement I just made can be looked at with considerable scepticism with understanding my story or how they have made a difference.  

Throughout my school career, I always had a certain amount of aptitude for subjects. However, I never had any success with my studies.  

This was due to my constant headaches and hardly being able to see what I was reading or writing (which in hindsight was due to my Irlen).  

To sum a long story up I finished my GCSE’s without any Irlen glasses with 1 C at GCSE.  

I received my glasses at the age of 17.

3 years later I received 5 offers for university (all Russell groups) to study politics.

From that short story about myself you can see how much of a difference having the awareness of Irlen and my Irlen glasses have made.


My only advice would be if you or a child has headaches or an ability to vocally express themselves but can’t  get words down on paper you have to get yourself tested for Irlen and you’ll see the tremendous difference it will make.


These glasses have truly changed my life and studies, I KNOW it can help other people.  

Please book yourself a test and you’ll experience the same difference I have had.



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